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Reading is easy to learn

Frosty the snowman

Frosty the snowman is a witty story with appealing illustrations and playful animations which is powerfully told and accompanied by many sounds. Children aged 5 to 10 years can practice reading with the app and start reading English and German.


  • Fun learning with the functions and animations
  • Created especially for children learning to read
  • Read-out mode and learning mode
  • English read>ing text displayed word by word in learning mode
  • German reading text displayed syllable by syllable in learning mode
  • Practice correct German pronunciation
  • Combination of methodical and didactic learning
  • Quiz: reading comprehension
  • Memory game: vocabulary work
  • Compatible with iPad, requires iOS 5.0 or later


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About the publisher

Mildenberger Verlag is a specialised publisher for schoolbooks and teaching and learning materials for primary schools in Germany. The syllable method is already being used successfully in many schools for learning to read and write.

Printed reading books

The "time for stories" series is also available as reading books in German and Englisch.




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Comenius EduMedia Siegel 2012

Learn-to-read-Apps in the „Time for stories“-series were awarded with „Comenius EduMedia Siegel 2012“

With this award an independent jury of experts honors educational media with exceptional pedagogical value, content and design. The Comenius-Awards offer guidance on the educational media market of digital learning and indicate which multimedia products are the most suitable for succesful learning.